curare l'anima


To heal, it is necessary to Listen



Jesus says:

“You have spoken well. It is chewing straw, and I want you to nourish yourself with pure grain. Straw does not nourish, it fills without nourishing. And so it is with much science. What is always a danger in every science is downright pernicious when it is the science of God’s things. But it is so now. The doctors of sacred science forget too much what they deal with, whom they serve, and of what powers they speak. They also forget to whom they speak and the consequences of their teaching, which, like waves, reverberate far and wide after directly hitting the first ones who read them. They could be ‘lights’. They are smoke that veils the light even where it is. They love to show off human erudition. Truly I tell you, if it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to be saved, even more difficult it will be for a humanly learned clergyman, or anyone who deals with religious matters with human science, to be saved. Not only will they have to answer for having gorged themselves, filled to overflowing with human erudition, denying the place and expelling from themselves what is holy science, but they will have to answer for the incalculable evil they have done to others, starting from their brethren and descending to the simple faithful and ordinary men. Truly I tell you that the light that will illuminate the forehead of a

humble believer, who knows only how to say his prayers without other vertigo of culture, will make these, who like Dives wanted all the foods on their table forgetting only one: that of charity, blush with shame…”

Maria Valtorta

26 giugno 1943
Dice Gesù:


Strip yourselves not only of what constitutes the weight of pure humanity, but also of that which is spiritual anxiety. Now I will explain to you what this is, so that you do not misinterpret my expression. Spiritual anxiety is not that healthy striving, with all intellectual forces, towards God. Spiritual anxiety is that anxiety which sometimes even takes hold of the most advanced souls in holiness, and consists of the fear of not having enough time to do everything, spiritually speaking, that one would like to do, everything that seems that God wants from the soul, fear of detaching oneself from prayer in the fear of not being able to taste that clear stream of sweetness that I send you, fear of not being able to find it again. These fears are still a remnant of humanity that infiltrates spirituality and harms it. You must follow the path of the spirit firmly and calmly. No anxiety, no fear. It is I who create time. Will I not then have enough time for every soul that entrusts itself to Me? It is I who make the wave of grace flow in you; therefore, I know how to regulate its flow and send you My lights at the most opportune moments. If you are disturbed in prayer, it is not a reason for anguish. It is enough that you do not, voluntarily, for human and personal reasons, detach yourself from it. In this case, it is certain that the source dries up or veers towards other souls open to prayer. But if your disturbance is caused by charity for your neighbor, it does not dry up the source of light in you nor does it veer it, but rather increases and attracts it, because he who has charity has God, and he who has God has His lights. Therefore, never be anxious. Pray, listen, meditate, suffer, work, always rest calmly, trusting in Me. I am a perfect Guest. I know how to converse and how to be silent according to whether I see the one who hosts Me capable of listening to Me or not. What would you say about a guest who sat by your side and did not let you attend to the needs of the house, especially on a day of invitation? You would say that he does not know the first rules of etiquette and the most common needs of a hostess. But I am Jesus. Therefore, I know everything. When your neighbor takes you away from prayer and from conversing with Me, do not take offense, and you should not be nervous. Be patient and charitable. I will be patient and silent. Then, after charity is done, I will speak to you more brightly than before. If instead you are anxious or nervous, the light dims as if a cloud were to interpose itself between your Sun and your soul. Trust, trust, trust in your Jesus. However much you may love Me, you love Me only in infinitely small measure compared to how much I love you. Therefore, trust. My Bread, which is not only the Eucharist that nourishes, but also the word that instructs, will never be lacking for you if you remain good and trusting.””It is of utmost importance for the soul that wants to progress on the path to Heaven to know how to keep the powers of the soul firm in God. When this happens, the soul is secure. What are the powers of the soul? Now I bring you a human comparison. How is a wheel made? Of a circle, of many spokes fixed in the circle, of a ring that gathers the spokes and makes them rotate around an axle. In this way, the wheel serves. If any of the parts are broken, it serves poorly, but if the ring that holds the spokes together is broken, the wheel serves not at all. And now pay attention, little Maria who listens to your Master. The circle is humanity that gathers all the moral, physical, and spiritual powers that are in a created being. It is the band that collects everything in a man. The spokes are the feelings that concentrate in a mystical ring, the spirit, which gathers and radiates them, since it is a dual operation. The axle is God. If humanity is damaged by carnal decay, the feelings remain unbound and end up scattering into the dust. But if the spirit is ruined or even simply unhooked from its axle, then the wonderful motion of the being created by God stops, and death takes its place. Therefore, never leaving the divine center is an absolute necessity for the soul that wants to merit Heaven. Let your humanity indeed lend itself to helping your neighbor, tire itself in his service. This is charity. But let your feelings never cease to converge towards the spirit and depart from the spirit. In this way, they will be nourished by God and will bear, even in humble tasks, the imprint of God, for your spirit is and must remain centered on God, the most divine fulcrum of all Creation, the sweetest fulcrum of your soul that has found its Way.” “When the powers of the spirit are fixed in God, believe indeed that no force can remove them from there. The motion becomes ever more swirling, and you know that there is a force, precisely called centrifugal, which always draws things more toward the center the more a motion is swirling. Love is what gives the motion. The spirit fixed in God loves God, its pivot. God loves the spirit centered on Him; and this dual love increases the swirling motion, the winged race whose end is the meeting in My Kingdom between the loving spirit and its Creator.”


For healing to be possible, it is necessary to let down the defenses; which entails accepting to relive the ancient suffering, which is always current even if a protective “crust” has been built upon it. In other words, the Lord wants and must reopen the “wound” so that it may be healed. Reopening the “wound” can mean experiencing the rejection, the abandonment that we have lived through and finding ourselves in this situation of anguish that we had placed in a “protected area.” And it is for this experience that has made us suffer and that we defend ourselves from a possible “reactivation”, that we defend ourselves and do not want to surrender to avoid renewing the suffering. From this fear arises the hardness of heart that prevents us from listening…

guarigione anima


The fight against the spirit of evil, the spirit of evil is not an abstract evil, but a “person” become perverse and whose sole purpose is to hinder in us the path towards the knowledge of the Lord: the devil fights against the SPIRIT

The path presupposes the desire and the will to exit a situation as well as the knowledge of where it leads.


The initial approach can only be of an analytical nature. The analysis of human behavior in its most hidden dynamics is of utmost importance. It is the “background, the heart, the driving force of human action, not rationality. As the analysis deepens, the possibility of outlining a therapy and reaching healing through the substitution, “the transplant of the heart” is offered. It is indeed from the heart of man that “foolishness” comes out (Mk 7:20-23):

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