It is THANKS TO FATHER BERNARDO that we bring to life this ‘LIBRARY’, which encompasses a series of publications based on undeniable historicity, bringing a message of change to the present day and shedding light with new interpretations on the RELATIONSHIP between MAN and GOD. In full respect of the author, all published material has been left in its integrity of concepts and presentation methods.

With full respect for the author, all published material has been left in its integrity of concepts and methods of exposition.



  • Cristo Vocazione dell’Uomo
  • Maria
  • A Te Grido
  • Lo Spirito Santo
  • Liturgia e Antropologia
  • Proposta


With the notebooks, Father Bernardo addresses a series of contemporary themes, always engaging with the “historicity” of the WORD. Few pages with the aim of shedding light and providing education about ourselves and the truth about the RELATIONSHIP between MAN and GOD.



Pamphlets, as defined by Father Bernardo, aim to introduce, with just a few pages, realities and questions contextualized to today’s society. Without any pretense, describing a current reality always compared to the WORD.


During his profession, Bernardo Boldini or Father Bernardo, creates a series of contents with the aim of bringing FAITH, SCIENCE, and PSYCHOLOGY closer, always starting from the historicity of the WORD.

It is a real educational journey that leads to the discovery of OURSELVES and the RELATIONSHIP with the father.


At first glance, the contents may seem difficult to understand, dedicated to monastic realities not suitable for an ordinary person who wants to delve into their own existence. Partly this is true, “you cannot put new wine into old wineskins”.


Assimilating and understanding a new reality is a lifelong journey that must be renewed every day.

The NEW WINE is the word, the OLD WINESKIN is our knowledge, our SELF.


We do not have the ability to renew the wineskin only with our strength, will!


We have chosen to share Valtorta’s work for ease of reading, and because we believe it will be one of the texts that will have a great dissemination in the near future. The work is divided into thirteen volumes, the first ten volumes tell the life of Jesus, from the conception of Mary to his death. It is the expanded gospel in its description. The last three volumes called NOTEBOOKS delve into the human being under the various aspects that compose it: soul, morality, and matter. The notebooks are a sharp, sometimes harsh reading that hurts. But if we want to “change,” we cannot help but accept the truth of a decline in man incapable of reacting with his own strength and intellect.

The work can be found online by visiting the website: 

maria valtora EVANGELO
Valtorta quaderni