The new exodus

The story of humanity repeats itself always, cultures, religions, philosophies, regimes change… but the story of humanity repeats itself, with a failure! This brings with it deaths, injustices, catastrophes, and so on… It may seem like a pessimistic speech, but if you think about it and look at the history of humanity, it has always been this way. Man has always “moved” where the wind seemed better, towards realities that apparently promised well-being, dreams… But to no avail, everything collapsed and every time we have to start over from scratch. But now the rubble of our actions is too much, we can no longer hide them, they can no longer hide them! 

We have weakened ourselves, made ourselves fragile, alone, they have replaced GOD with gods, materialism, rationality, science, health, money…

We are truly sheep without a shepherd, wandering without knowing what we are really doing. And this is in the best of cases. We have become incapable of reacting. We live in a kind of constant semi-consciousness, intentionally maintained, nurtured!


October 29, 1943

Jesus says:

“When I have Zephaniah say that I will take everything away from the Earth, I make him prophesy what will happen in the antechamber of the last times, what I then announced by speaking, foreshadowed under the description of the ruin of the Temple and Jerusalem, of the destruction of the world, and what the Beloved Prophesied in his Apocalypse. The voices follow one another. Indeed, I can say that, as in a sacred building erected to testify to the glory of the Lord, the voices rise from pinnacle to pinnacle, from prophet to prophet preceding Christ, up to the highest peak where the Word speaks during his human life, and then they descend from pinnacle to pinnacle, through the centuries, through the mouths of the prophets following Christ. It is like a concert that sings praises, wills, glories of the Lord, and will last until the moment when the angelic trumpets gather the dead from the graves and the dead of the spirit, the living of the Earth and the living of Heaven, so that they prostrate themselves before the visible glory of the Lord and hear the word of the Word of God, that Word that countless have rejected or neglected, disobeyed, mocked, despised, that Word that came, came: Light in the world, and which the world did not want to receive, preferring darkness. I am the pinnacle of God’s building. There cannot be a higher and truer Word than mine. But my Spirit is in the mouth of the “lesser” words, for everything that speaks of what is of God is a word inspired by God. Famine and mortalities from epidemics will be one of the precursory signs of my second coming. Punishments created to punish you and recall you to God will operate, with their painful power, one of the selections among the children of God and of Satan. The hunger caused by plundering and accursed wars, wanted without justification of national independences but for the sheer ferocity of power and the pride of demons in the guise of men, given by the arrest, by God’s will, of cosmic laws, so that the frost will be severe and prolonged, so that the heat will be scorching and not mitigated by rains, so that the seasons will be reversed, and you will have droughts in the rainy seasons and rains during the time of harvest, so that, deceived by sudden warmth or unusual chill, plants will bloom out of season and, after already producing, trees will be covered with new useless flowers that exhaust the plant without bearing fruit – for every disorder is harmful and leads to death, remember this, O men – hunger will cruelly torment this arrogant and godless race. Animals, deprived of hay and fodder, of grains and seeds, will perish from hunger, and for the hunger of man, they will be destroyed without being given time to procreate. Birds of the sky and fish of the waters, herds and flocks will be assailed from every direction to provide your bellies with the food that the earth will no longer produce for you in abundance. The mortalities created by wars and pestilences, earthquakes and deluges, will precipitate both the good and the evil into the afterlife. The former for your punishment, as you, deprived of the best, will only worsen more and more; the latter for their punishment, as they will have, before the appointed hour, hell as their dwelling. The victim prepared by the Lord to purify the altar of the Earth profaned by the sins of idolatry, lust, hatred, pride, will be you, men who will perish by the thousands and tens of thousands under the sharp sickle of divine lightning. Like mown grass on a field in April, you will fall upon each other: the holy flowers mixed with the poisonous ones, the soft stalks mixed with the prickly thorns. The hand of my angels will choose and separate the blessed from the cursed, taking the former to Heaven and leaving the latter to the tridents of demons for the pasture of Hell. Whether kings or beggars, wise or ignorant, young or old, warriors or priests, will make no difference or barrier against death. The punishment will be terrible. The eye of God will choose the fated, removing the “lights” so that they will no longer suffer from the darkness created by men united with Satan, removing the “darkness” generators of darkness because possessed by the father of darkness: Satan. The eye of God, which penetrates into palaces, churches, consciences – and there is no barrier or hypocrisy that prevents it from seeing – will scrutinize the heart of the Church: Jerusalem of now, will scrutinize the hearts of souls and write the individual decree for the cowardly, the indifferent, the lukewarm, the rebellious, the traitors, the murderers of the spirit, the deicides. No, do not think that God will not do good or harm to you for your deeds. I swear it, I swear it by myself, I swear it by my Justice, I swear it with a triple oath, I will do good to you for the good you do and harm for the evil you have done. If to you the filth of the flesh and of your brutish life crusts over the eyes of your soul to prevent them from seeing God, to God nothing is veiled. I will weigh down my hand on those who revel in the mud and who want to remain in the mud despite every invitation and every means I give them to get out of it. They will become mud in the mud, for the mud of sin is the preferred food of their impure hunger. The day approaches, children who have denied the Father. The time of the Earth is long and short at the same time. Was it not yesterday that you enjoyed an honest well-being given by peace and by peaceful works that give bread and work? Was it not yesterday, perhaps, O you who live in this terrible hour, that you enjoyed the joy of an unbroken and undestroyed family, the joy of children around the father’s table, of the marital bed: the husband close to the wife, of the father bending over the heads of the children as a teacher and friend? And now? Where is all this? Swift as a bird flying to distant shores, that time has passed. It was yesterday… now you turn and see that a number of days, which horror multiplies with its bloody intensity, separates you. You take refuge in memory, but heaps of rubble and stretches of tombs destroy the sweetness of memory with the reality of the present. Oh! men, men who insult God with voices of mouth and heart believing it lawful to do so, hear, men, the voice of God, torn and tearing, already thundering upon the world because it does not benefit Him to speak to you through the mouths of His servants and friends, and that announces His wrath to you, and that still calls you because punishing you pains Him. Before the blindness of your spirits is total, come to the Doctor and to the Light. Before the blood is so much as to be a lake of death, come to the source of Life. Gather your miserable capacities for love and turn them to God. Love will forgive you for those crumbs of love, the remnants of the plundering of the flesh and of Satan, that you offer to Him. To God must be given the first fruits and the entirety of goods. But since you have not known how to do this, O children who have cost me my life, give to the Lord, great, merciful, powerful, what still remains to you. In your poverty of spirit, not evangelical poverty but human poverty, tear from your heart the last small coin, deny to the flesh that remainder and give it to Me. I know that to one of my beloved it costs less the sacrifice of life, since love inebriates him, than to you the sacrifice of a kiss. And for your effort, disproportionate to the offering, I will give you a reward disproportionate to the gift. I will give it to you, as long as you come. He who worked well in the last hour will be admitted to the Kingdom like the one who pressed the plow, until he fell upon it, from its dawn to its early evening. You will not regret having a different abode in Heaven; there are no pettinesses of human envies there. But conquer this Heaven that I have created for you and that I have opened to you with my death on the Cross. Come to the Lord before the Lord comes upon you with his majesty as Judge. As for you, my beloved ones, remain on the path you have chosen. Turmoils and tempests will not make you lose the goal that is Me, whose Heart is open to receive you with the kiss of the liveliest love. Let kingdoms and peoples fall, and what is now believed powerful become ashes and debris, and what is now believed lawful to dictate will and doctrines become powder crushed by the Will and Law of God. In my brief reign upon the world, it will be I who reigns, I and the remnants of my people, namely the true faithful, those who have not renounced Christ and covered the sign of Christ with the tiara of Satan. Then the lying deities of the powerful will fall, the obscene doctrines denying God, the Almighty Lord. My Church, before the hour of the world ends, will have its splendid triumph. Nothing is different in the life of the Mystical Body than it was in the life of Christ. There will be hosannas on the eve of the Passion, hosannas when the peoples, captivated by the Divinity, bend the knee before the Lord. Then will come the Passion of my militant Church, and finally the glory of eternal Resurrection in Heaven. O blessedness of that day when the snares, vendettas, and struggles of this Earth, of Satan, of the flesh will end forever! My Church will then be composed of true Christians. Then, on the penultimate day. Few like at the beginning, but holy as at the beginning. It will end in holiness as it began in holiness. The liars, the traitors, the idolaters will remain outside. Those who on the last day will imitate Judas and sell their souls to Satan, harming the Mystical Body of Christ. In them, the Beast will have its lieutenants for its final war. And woe to those who, in Jerusalem, in the last times, become guilty of such sin. Woe to those who exploit their clothing for human gain. Woe to those who let their brothers perish and neglect to make, of the Word entrusted to them, bread for the souls hungry for God. Woe. Between those who openly renounce God and those who renounce Him in deeds, I will not make a difference. And truly I tell you, with the pain of the lofty Founder, that in the last hour three-quarters of my Church will renounce me, and I will have to cut them off from the trunk like dead and corrupted branches with filthy leprosy. But you who remain in Me, hear the promise of Christ. Wait for me with fidelity and love, and I will come to you with all my gifts. With the gift of gifts: Myself. I will come to redeem and heal. I will come to illuminate the darkness, to overcome and dispel it. I will come to teach men to love and adore the eternal God, the Most High Lord, the holy Christ, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. I will come to bring you not the peace of this world, the eternal destroyer of Peace, but the Peace of the Kingdom that does not die. Rejoice, my faithful servants. This is what the mouth that does not lie tells you. You will no longer have to fear any evil, for I will put an end to the time of evil, I will hasten this end out of pity for my blessed ones. Rejoice above all, you, my beloved of now. For the coming of Christ and His embrace of glory will be even more eager for you. For you, the gates of the City of God are already opening, and your Savior comes out to meet you and give you true Life. Just a little longer and I will come for you. Like for Lazarus, my friend, I will call you one by one: “Come out!”. Out of this life of Earth that is a tomb for the spirit incarcerated in the flesh. Out. Into the Life and freedom of Heaven. Call me with your faithful love. May it be the flame that melts the chains of the flesh and gives the spirit the freedom to come quickly to Me. Say the most beautiful cry ever written by man: “Come, Lord Jesus.”



And the Word of the Father will not come for a second Evangelization. He will not come personally. Yet He will evangelize. He will raise new evangelizers who will evangelize in His Name. They will evangelize in a new form, suitable to the times, a new form that essentially will not change the eternal Gospel, nor the great Revelation, but will expand them, complete them, and make them understandable and acceptable even to those who, because of their atheism or their disbelief in the Last Things and many other revealed truths, give the reason that “they cannot believe things they do not understand, nor love beings of whom they know too little, and that little is such as to frighten and discourage instead of attracting and encouraging.”

New evangelizers. In truth, they are already here, even if the world partly ignores them and partly opposes them. But they will become increasingly numerous, and the world, after having ignored them, mocked them, or opposed them, when terror seizes the fools who now ridicule the new evangelizers, will turn to them to be strength, hope, and light in the darkness, in the horror, in the storm of the persecution of the ongoing antichrists. For if it is true that before the end of times there will rise more and more false prophets serving the Antichrist, equally true is that the Lord Christ will oppose to them an ever-growing number of His servants, raising up new apostles where they are least expected.


The comparison between Church and culture has become a fundamental knot of contemporary Christian life. A century ago, at the time of the First Vatican Council, the comparison was seen in terms of reason and revelation, of science and faith. Then, in the crisis of modernism, there was talk of the relationship between the natural and the supernatural, between religion and faith; moving towards the 1950s, to the opposition of God and man, sacred and profane, anthropology and theology (those were the years of the theologies of the “death of God”). Today, the comparison has extended to culture, understood as the sum of the components of individual and social human life, and we talk about faith and culture, Gospel and culture, religious life and culture.

Modern culture, in recent centuries, presents itself, in many aspects, as a progressive presumed separation from the Church and faith.

cultura laica
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Man wants to be himself, independent, without a relationship with his Creator. The result is: enmity, anguish, and death, cf. Lk 15:15


No one comes to the Father except through me, Jn 14:6. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life, Jn 8:12.

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The first point to consider or the question to pose, in this third meeting, is: what is the Gospel. Secondly, who are the subjects who receive this command. Since the subjects are not very highly esteemed people: Later on, as the eleven were at table, he appeared to them and rebuked them for their unbelief and hardness of heart because they had not believed those who saw him after he had been raised, Mk 16:14. Our experience may tempt us to believe that we are also unable to announce the Gospel. Let’s go a little further back. We are used to conceiving the Gospel as a late and definitive revelation: the Revelation of the incarnation of the Word. And therefore, we must have thoroughly studied the Bible!

The preparatory, if you will, but fundamental revelation is creation. Why fundamental? (Can you imagine how many light-years separate Sagittarius – which is at the center of our Milky Way galaxy – from the small place where we are sitting now? 70,000 light-years!!!)

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