Origine del Peccato

The origins of sin


A difficult, if not thorny, topic that we tend to push away whenever we hear about it. Certainly, culture, the church, and all of history have never been able to deeply explain to us what SIN is, its ORIGINS, and its consequences. In fact, we could say that it is a “topic” that goes against the principles of “freedom” and “emancipation” of man, today more than ever. Recognizing the existence of an “error” that belongs to us requires an effort of humility. To do this, we need to understand, know its origin, its consequences, and how to fight daily against a reality that has deeply weakened us.


Sin means DISOBEDIENCE! To what? To a natural law that is part of the “HUMAN” project. Man, being a creation, is part of a project, and like every project, it is conceived with rules, functions, purposes…

Any project, if used for functions different from those for which it was conceived, over time becomes inefficient, until it has more and more problems that make it unusable if not harmful.


Another term that bothers us to say the least, we think that obeying means damaging our freedom, adhering to rules that do not allow us to express ourselves as we want. This is what we think especially when we talk about faith, about GOD. Foolish as we are, we obey a thousand rules, impositions that today’s society imposes on us, even knowing that they are toxic, useless, true abuses for man, and we think we are free. Obedience that was asked of us in the past, which is the same as today, is an ACT OF LOVE. The creator of the HUMAN project knows well what his creature needs and warns us against what is harmful to us.


The possibility of making harmful choices presupposes the existence of something wrong that can compromise the correct “functioning” of the HUMAN project. Explaining the origin of Good and Evil is not a simple thing and certainly not our presumption to do this, but the existence of these two “forces” that are present in every one of our actions is undeniable. It is important to understand that the presence of good and evil is not immaterial subjects, philosophies, or projections of our subconscious, and certainly not control tools. But they are tangible, real, physical realities, with a history, followers, hierarchies, and there is a real war that began millennia ago and is still ongoing, a war where we are the extras on a UNIVERSAL stage. Man, being guided by the senses, if he does not see, hear, or touch, has difficulty recognizing anything, sometimes we perceive something that goes beyond our senses but we rarely delve into these perceptions. It is necessary to know our enemy to fight it.


Not being able to strike the father, he waged war on the children, and in the same way in which we grow and elevate ourselves in good, so it is when we choose evil, we perfect our fall, our SELF, just look at how today “evolution” technological applied to war has grown! And we are proud of this!  Bringing gifts

of death, separation, destruction. LUCIFER meant to bring light, of GOD. And what better strategy for a commander in battle than to hide one’s own identity. If you don’t know who or what you are fighting, how can you fight? With what weapons? How to heal the wounds? As much as each of us wants to deny the existence of evil, we cannot ignore its fruits!


Like any war, the consequences are pain, suffering, injustices… And perhaps the question we all ask ourselves a bit is why? What fault do I have in something I did not participate in, that I do not see, that I know nothing about? We do not want and we are not able to give exhaustive and complete answers. WE ARE NOT ABLE. But we continue to talk about what we are able to understand, accept. From the first disobedience of man “Adam and Eve,” we have moved away from a natural order to which all living beings belong. THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CREATOR. Losing this relationship has profoundly IMPAIRED us, creating a lesion in our soul, which, no longer having the possibility of relating to its creator, has become sick. Like any illness, this has had an evolution, it has transformed more and more. And we can see it from the social, moral, spiritual state of today that reflects on all our actions. We believe we have evolved, that we have followed a natural evolution that has led us to be what we are today. But if we look closely at who we are, we see hatred, individualism, materialism. All our technology is nothing more than a faint reflection of what we really need, in the best case, given that generally man’s science is leading us to destruction. We have become UNABLE to react. The global conditioning is such that every time a thought of peace, of love, different from what it is today arises, we find ourselves swimming against the current. And no matter how hard we try, ALONE we cannot move forward. The opposing force is too much for our sole forces.


What do we do when we are sick? We go to the doctor and accept the treatment given to us. This happens because we believe that the doctor knows what to do, has studied, has experience.

The same is true for our soul, our SELF. First of all, it is necessary to recognize our inner evil, to accept the inability to heal ourselves alone or with cures that can come from man. Accepting a treatment different from what we are used to, made of different knowledge, different experiences.

It is a long process, where each day has its own path. It is not possible to think of changing our interior from today to tomorrow, and even less to think of finding solutions/medicines that solve the problem without worrying about it later. To accept different treatments, different sciences, it is necessary to empty ourselves of our SELF, of our knowledge, of our beliefs, and it is not something that is easily and quickly accomplished.

Further Insights


The Fault has shaken to the roots of man, that perfect complex of flesh and spirit, of flesh, not dissimilar in movements of feeling, from the spirit, of which it was only heavier but not contrary and even less an enemy; of spirit not prisoner and oppressed prisoner in the prison of the flesh, but of spirit jubilant in the docile flesh that it guided to God since it was a molecule of the spirit of God, attracted by God, as by a divine magnet, through the relationships of love between the Creator, the All, and the spirit, the part. The fault has shaken that harmonious surroundings that God had placed around his son so that he could be a king and a happy king. When man’s love for God fell, the Earth’s love for man fell. Ferocity unleashed on Earth among the inferiors, between the inferiors and man and, horror of horrors, between man and man.

La colpa di adamo ed eva


“The original name was Lucifer: in the mind of God it meant ‘standard-bearer or bearer of Light,’ that is, of God, because God is Light. Second in beauty among all that exists, he was a pure mirror reflecting the unbearable Beauty.

…the angels worshipped him as the most perfect mirror of God, he admired himself. He should have admired only God. But in the being of everything that is created, all the good and evil forces are present, and they stir until one of the two sides wins to give good or evil, as in the atmosphere there are all the gaseous elements: because necessary. Lucifer1 attracted to himself pride. He cultivated it, extended it. He made it his weapon and seduction. He wanted more than he had.”

29FROM THE NOTEBOOKS 1945-1950, p. 155


Since the spirit of evil is not perceptible with our “natural” abilities, we do not know when and where its attack begins, we are “tempted,” by it of course, to think that it does not exist. So a first question that comes to the modern mind is: does the devil exist, this spirit of evil? Is this spirit of evil a “personal” reality, or is it just a “mythological” expression to express the wickedness that we find within and outside of us?


The pride that man lets himself be taken by consists in rejecting the welcoming relationship of the Lord Jesus and in centering the universe on oneself.

The whole universe diverted from its purpose by the subjectivity of the creature who wants to be taken as such an end, M. Oraison.

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