Siamo soli nell’universo?

We are alone in the universe?

Have you ever raised your head during a starry night? You manage to take your thoughts off the earth, into an infinite space where there are an infinite number of planets, stars, realities... if you do this even for just a minute it is impossible to support any theory that affirms the uniqueness of man as an evolved and sentient being in a universe that is infinite for us.

The presence of other forms of life has always been a topic discussed in all cultures, civilizations, times and places, and at the same time it has been a hidden, hidden, mystified topic, and not by chance. Accepting the existence of another form of life, that we are not alone in the universe, would call into question a lifestyle that does not conform to our existence and participation in a much larger project than our earthly life. And as we know, the power and interests of a few influence the entire planet, trying with all possible means to keep away realities that could destroy their interests. But everything has its time and history.

From "I Quaderni del 1943" - 22 August 1943 (page 253 2006 edition)

But how did they never think that “great Babylon” is the whole Earth?
I would be a very small and limited Creator God if I had only created the Earth as an inhabited world!
With a heartbeat of my will I aroused worlds and worlds from nothingness and projected them, luminous dust, into the immensity of the firmament.

The Earth, of which you are so proud and so ferocious, is but one of the dust particles rotating in infinity, and not the largest.
Of course, however, he is the most corrupt.
Lives and lives teem in the millions of worlds that are the joy of your gaze on clear nights,
and the perfection of God will appear to you when you can see with the intellectual sight of the spirit reunited with God, the wonders of those worlds.

from “I Quaderni del 1943” – 28 August 1943 (page 265 2006 edition)

Cast your gaze, O Mary, into our eternity. Immerse yourself in this sign from God.
It’s as if you gaze at a very clear sky and think that beyond that blue, which seems limitless to you, there is something else,
another, another boundless space, ever higher…
A vortex of ether, a blue vortex that deepens the further up you go, without finding any boundaries to it.
Its blue, which also exists, is nothing other than its non-being, as a consistent substance.
Its blue is made of incalculable millions of kilometers of ether in which the worlds created by my Father dance.
The same is our eternity. AND! When did it start? Never! When it will end? Never! How long will it last? Always! How long has it lasted? Forever!

28 August 1943 (pages 266-267 2006 edition)

Nothing is hidden from God. Nothing. So, you ask yourselves, poor men, why did God create man?
Oh! what a useless reason! Would you like to judge the work of God? Go on trial for his actions?
When you are in glory you will understand all the mysterious whys.
You will read, with the gaze of a free spirit, pages that you now ignore, that you now want to leaf through in vain, falling,
for your useless pride of ants who want to pierce a marble mountain, in the most pernicious mistakes.
How many mysteries the Universe still has for you! You are immersed in mystery.
Mystery of God. Mystery of the whys of God. Mystery of the second life. Mystery of cosmic laws. Mystery of relationships between this planet of yours and the other worlds.
Mystery of the relationships between those living on earth and those who have already passed on to the second life.
Your human curiosity, the need of your soul to reconnect with its origins, give you holy and not holy concerns.

Sometimes it amazes you men that God, knowing all things in his infinite Intelligence,
proceeded to create man, and you almost wonder whether God knew or did not know what man would commit.
Oh! he knew it! Nothing is unknown to the Triune God. All the events of the Universe: births and deaths of planets, formation and disintegration of nebulae,
life or death on the stars launched into space, cataclysms, explosions, are known, eternally, by the Eternal.
And equally all the events of the Earth are known eternally: one of the millions of worlds created by God, the one that is known to you because you are its inhabitants.
And all the events of man, taken as an inhabitant of the Earth, are known eternally.
Before Adam was, God knew that Adam would sin. And with him, for millennia, Adam’s race would have sinned.

Giorgio Bongiovanni

In addition to Valtorta’s testimony, we share the experience and message of Giorgio Bongiovanni, a figure who is certainly not easy to understand and accept, but certainly to be taken into serious consideration and respect for the message that together with his “friends” he has been spreading for several years .

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